Established to provide our vast youth with a single destination for every piece of literature, The Budding Times showcases articles written by students. We welcome all sorts of young authors into this free space to express opinions and learn through constructive criticism by helpful comments. Above all else, we provide young writers with the opportunity of their work being shown to an array of distinguished intellectuals. Many students come up with brilliant pieces of work that never reach the levels of attention they deserve, well whether your article is out of the world or in it, it is welcome here. Unexpressed thoughts should never die!

Founders note

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "I want freedom for the full expression of my personality". Knowingly or unknowingly, most young adults and children are denied the fundamental right of self-expression. We are either highly influenced by others' opinions or simply aren't taken seriously enough. I am glad to welcome you to the greatest shelter of youth literature, where any student can feel free to express their often suppressed opinions. This is the only place where raw talent is not only harboured but also nurtured; where every voice, no matter what size, is heard; where the leaders of tomorrow are shaped.

Our Team  

Founder - Hudit Gupta

Harshvardhan Maskara

Rajveer Singh Machre

Vinayak Pratap Singh


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