Artificial Intelligence- a benefaction or a blight?

Compelled by a nascent desire to invent and discover, humans are now on the journey to actually create, what once was thought to live purely in the realm of the human imagination. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Tesla’s Autopilot and numerous more examples of AI have already been incorporated in our daily lives and have had an instant impact on our lives.

The ideology behind the creation of AI, was to invent such a technology that resembled the way humans act, with the obvious advantage of them doing work more efficiently and without making errors.

Like all things, even AI comes with its pros and cons.

AI has successfully started helping us in our daily lives and has also reduced production costs in factories by increasing the efficiency of work.

They are able to do so because they reduce the amount of errors human make, they do not take any breaks, have medical applications and are able to conduct difficult explorations. For instance AI has resulted in great increase in revenue of companies such as Amazon, as over 20 million products of Amazon’s Alexa had been sold by 2017.

On the other hand, AI can have significant negative long-term effects.

A study conducted by Forbes shows that 8-12 billion dollars had been invested in AI by 2016 only, and AI is predicted to be a 14 billion dollar industry by 2023. This fact clearly indicates the rapid growth of AI.

The only issue with this growth is that it does not take long for the word  ‘rapid’ to turn to ‘rampant’.

History has clearly shown over the past few centuries that any asset which is extremely powerful such as AI, which has the power to amount to massive destruction, can lead to humans fighting with each other, to gain control over it. It is highly possible that major tech giants and governments start competing with each other, in the race to master AI. Potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons, this technology might result in many conflicts and acts of violence to obtain it, and if the developed version of this technology falls in the wrong hands, it can lead to vast destruction. This race might also lead to the AI going unchecked resulting in AI using it’s acumen to overthrow the human race and take control of us, rather than us controlling them.

Therefore, after careful evaluation of both the pros and cons, I feel that the cons outweigh the pros and that AI will eventually destroy humanity. The policy of ‘survival of the fittest’ is still prevalent in this ruthless world, and creating a more intelligent and error free race of AI, will only result in the destruction of ours.

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