Jack Ma conspiracy

In most democratic countries, often political parties and governments are accused that they are working under big capitalists and billionaires. But in countries like China where there is dictatorship rule, the capitalists & billionaires are puppets of government. And if they don’t work according to the government, then they get suddenly disappear. That is what happened recently in China.

  A piece of quite shocking news is coming from China about Jack Ma (China’s Second Richest Man), he has suddenly disappeared. He last tweeted in Oct 2020, since then he has not been seen on any social media platform. Also, he has not been seen in public.  And the shocking news is that just before he disappeared, he criticized one of the policies of the Chinese communist party.

 Jack Ma who is known for his rags to riches story, founded Alibaba in 1999. Alibaba which initially started as B2B platform, now has turned into a B2C model. Once Alibaba got successful, the company expanded almost in every sector. Today Alibaba companies are present in fintech, cloud computing, movie production, sports etc.

 One of these companies founded by Jack Ma is the Ant group. It’s quite relevant to the current news. This company started in 2014 to run a service company Alipay which is a company similar to other digital platforms PayPal, Paytm, etc. Alipay has almost 1 billion users across the world. Due to all these successful companies, Jack Ma net worth is currently now more than 50 billion dollars

  On 24th October 2020, Jack Ma criticized Xi Jinping’s government financial regulatory system. He said that Chinese banks work with pawnshop mentality basically the principle of zero risks. It means the bank does not give a loan until someone has not shown the collateral, even when he has a great business idea. And the reason of banks not giving the loan to such people is because they are afraid if such people won’t be able to repay the loan, they will turn into NPA’s (Non-Performing Assets). But Jack Ma thinks such policy inhibits innovation.

 On 5th November 2020, the fintech company Ant group which was founded by Jack Ma was about to roll out its IPO at the Chinese Stock Market. This company expected its valuation at 300 billion dollars, which could have made Jack Ma’s net worth more than 60 billion dollars. But just after 24th of October the Chinese government changed the rules and regulations and According to new rules and regulations, Ant Group got disqualified for IPO. And right after that, the watchdog of Chinese Government said that the company was not following anti-monopoly issues. And this happened just because Jack Ma criticized one of the policies of Chinese Government. Some people are believing that this happened because of it. However, there are other reasons as well. Experts believe that the Chinese government was anyways worried that Alipay is getting so big that the flow of money is getting from Chinese banks to Alipay.

 Some days later the IT cell started defaming Jack Ma’s image. Jack Ma who should be there to judge a reality show in December did not show up. But even as January shows up, there has been no post on social media, no public appearance. People started questioning whether Jack Ma has been abducted by the Chinese government. News broke out in the world that where is Jack Ma.

 Although some newspaper “Sources” were reporting that Jack Ma is lying low, he has not been arrested by the Chinese government. He just wants to stay away from the public for some time.  The latest update from business insider newspaper is that Jack Ma is not missing. He is just lying low.

 But such similar cases of disappearance have also been observed in China earlier also, when such rich billionaires ( Ren Zhiqiang) have commented something against the government. And then after someday it was disclosed, they have been sentenced to jail for 18 years under corruption charges. And it was told that they have surrendered.

  It’s quite an interesting contrast especially with democratic countries where it’s said that the government is run by Billionaires.
We could see two extremes here. But both extremes are not good

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