How Money Works by DK Publishing

Seeking an insight into the world of money and finance, this book clearly gave me the information and knowledge that I wanted. The book managed to explain complex ideas in a remarkably simple way through the usage of pictograms, quotes, and a visually appealing design. It subsisted Einstein’s eminent quote,“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” The book has been outlined in such a way that it caters to numerous readers, whether it is a young student like me or an adult looking to invest in the stock market or start his/her own business.

The book covers diverse aspects of money starting from the evolution of money from barter to bitcoins, stock markets, government finance, and personal finance. Instead of just giving brief information about each aspect, it explains everything in detail. One can study a great deal about how the stock markets work, how do government decisions affect the economy and how can one use all of this knowledge to establish a stable financial position. The book progresses well as the information from the former chapters is used and elaborated upon in the later chapters as well. This helps the reader not to forget anything and also explicates where that knowledge will be applicable in real life. It is a very practical book, and it really has spurred me to read and research more about these areas, especially the stock exchange. It has also taught me a lot, which will surely come in handy in the future. 

The most intriguing part of the book is that even though it has the information that any economics book would have, it always keeps you engaged and inquisitive. The astonishing facts that the book revealed really left me dumbstruck. Every page had a distinctive design and appeal which is why I agree that it really is ‘the simplest, most visual guide to money’. 

I would surely recommend this book to all individuals, especially to young readers like me who want to understand the modern financial system. 

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