What is Break Free?

"Bringing diamond-grade clarity to ambitious leaders to scale their summit faster"– Saahil Mehta

What clutter is holding you back from GREATNESS?

When was the last time you avoided taking a decision that required you to confront someone or something?

Which one of these is adding to the clutter in your life?

  • Mental clutter: are you unable to forgive and not let go of the past?

  • Physical clutter: is your body stopping you from working at an optimal level?

  • People clutter: do you avoid confrontations and conversations leading to strained relationships?

  • Material clutter: do you keep buying things for fleeting happiness over functional benefit?

I know how it feels. I too struggled with each of these issues which held me back from reaching my true potential.

Until I identified the core clutter weighing me down; I was living a lie. It was like wearing a permanent mask.

Until I learnt to BREAK-FREE from all that and more…

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Clutter is nothing more than shunned confrontations.

Saahil Mehta

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